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Tributes and Decorations

Placing a tribute or decoration at a memorial, grave, or the place where someone passed away, can be an important part of grieving and remembrance for many people.

You're welcome to place fresh flowers using the vases provided at our sites. However, we ask that you do not place other items, like toys, photographs or mementos.

Our staff regularly maintain memorial and burial sites, and reserve the right to remove any unauthorised items.

Please note that some grave monuments may be designed to include a candle holder.

Other types of tributes

We only manage tributes and decorations at Wollongong Memorial Gardens locations. However, we've included links below to information about other types of tributes that we are sometimes asked about.

Please contact the relevant authority described below if you need more information.

Family and friends commonly create roadside tributes for loved ones lost to road trauma.

These tributes fall under the responsibility of Transport for NSW: read more on their Roadside Tributes page.

Tributes in public spaces can take many forms, such as statues or sculptures, plaques, seating, pavers, 'love locks' or even street art.

Public tributes can also include naming a street, park, or other public facility after a person who made a significant contribution to their community.

We recommend contacting your local council as a starting point for advice about public tributes.

Please contact your nearest Returned and Services League (RSL) branch for information about war memorials or cenotaphs.

You can also visit the NSW War Memorial Register to find or contribute information about war memorials.