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Arrange a Service

To meet NSW Public Health requirements, the following restrictions apply to people while at our Memorial Gardens:

  • Under tightened restrictions announced on Friday 9 July, funerals are limited to 10 people in total.
  • People aged over 12 years must wear a face mask at all indoor areas, including our offices and chapels, and at organised outdoor events until further notice. For more information about face masks, please see the NSW Health website.
  • A 1 person per 4 square metres rule applies to all indoor and outdoor settings, including funerals.

Wollongong Memorial Gardens has plenty of options to let you create a unique and personal funeral or memorial service. We can accommodate all types of services, from small private gatherings to large ceremonies.

After someone dies, your funeral director will generally work with us to arrange a service on your behalf.

You can also contact us directly to arrange other types of services, such as a memorial on the anniversary of a person's death.

Our Chapels

We have two beautifully appointed indoor chapels at Wollongong Memorial Gardens that provide a calming, reflective environment for your service.

Outdoor Services

All of our locations can accommodate outdoor services, which gives you the option to remember your loved one at their final resting place or memorial site.

Outdoor memorial services can coincide with the placement of ashes and plaques. Burial services can also be arranged at all of our cemeteries, either at or near the grave site.

We have marquees, seating and portable tables that can provide flexible options for different group sizes.

Talk to your funeral director or call us on (02) 4227 7780 for more information, or to arrange a funeral or memorial service.