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Time for a clean up at our Memorial Gardens

Last updated: Tuesday 15 December 2020

We're planning a cleanup for Wednesday 25 November 2020 at Wollongong Memorial Gardens, Unanderra.

This is something we do regularly to make sure our memorial sites stay safe, tidy and in good condition for people visiting to remember their loved ones.

Our grounds staff will check memorials in our gardens and walls, and respectfully remove any items that are old, unsightly, or spilling onto nearby memorials. They'll also remove any items that might be a hazard, or that aren't allowed.

We understand that leaving tributes at memorial sites is an important part of grieving and remembering, so we take care to do these clean ups with as much sensitivity as possible.

Our Tributes and Decorations page explains what can be left at memorial sites.

If you have a question about decorations, please contact our friendly team for advice.