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Our memorial urns provide a range of options for you to keep the ashes of your loved one at home.

Larger sized urns can store the full amount of cremated remains. Smaller or miniature urns let you keep a token amount of ashes, and scatter or place the remainder at a memorial site, or share ashes among family members.

We are stockists for Final Touch Australia and Anakie Pottery. Use the links below to see their current products.

Final Touch Australia

Final Touch Australia has a wide variety of options to keep your loved one's cremated remains close to you.

As well as traditional metal and ceramic urns, they have eco-friendly, timber, glass and crystal lines. The range also includes boxes, lamps, candle holders and jewellery.

View the Final Touch Australia product catalogue

Anakie Pottery

Anakie Pottery offers a range of beautifully crafted urns and memento jars.

Styles range from traditional to artisan and contemporary, with diverse options to reflect the interests and personality of your loved one.

View the Anakie Pottery catalogue PDF, 13798.42 KB

How to order

Call (02) 4227 7780 or email us to let us know which option/s you're interested in. We'll contact the supplier to confirm current prices for you.

We keep cost mark-ups to a minimum to make our urns as affordable as possible.

A limited selection of urns are also available to view at our office. Please call us on (02) 4227 7780 to make an appointment to view our urns.