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This message exhibits a general problem. According to its documentation, is is:

Used as page title in Special:PageMigration, and also used as link text in Special:SpecialPages.

It shares these uses with a not-so-small class of MediaWiki messages used twice. That should be avoided, and it does not work anyways when translated.

The entire class of messages actually has three uses:

  1. As a link in Special:SpecialPages:
    • Do something about a page/user/…
  2. As a title of its own special page when no selection has been made:
    • Do something about a page/user/… to be named now.
  3. As a title of its own special page with a selection made:
    • Do something about this page/user/…
(Case 2 does not always apply)

While we can translate case 2 identical to case 1 in Colognian - not good but acceptable - there is no valid grammatical way to combine it with case 3. Thus whatever we translate, it is ridiculously wrong at least once.

Purodha Blissenbach (talk)10:18, 4 March 2015