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 Opera Browser Wiki :: IRC Client

IRC Client

Starting with Opera 7.50, there is an integrated IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. It has all basic IRC features, including DCC file transfer (send/receive files to/from users).

Basic IRC commands

IRC Commands panel - A panel with some of the most common commands you can use in Opera. Don't hesitate mailing the author if you see something missing! :-)

'Add info here! Something like info available here: Search at Google and (note: 2005-12-20: page is 404) and '

Customizations - changing the look

Like almost every other window, the chat window's look is controlled by CSS, so you can make it look almost any way you like. Here you will find some links to some pages with customized looks for chat window (they're much more beautiful than default look).

Customizations - How to install

These are instructions about how to install one im.css inside your profile, instead of system-wide. Find the opera6.ini file in your profile and edit it (remember to close Opera first). Inside [User Prefs] section, add the following line:

IM Style File=/full/path/to/your/im.css

If you want, you can change all built-in Opera CSS files inside your profile. Just add these lines:

[User Prefs]
IM Style File=/path/to/im.css
MIME Style File=/path/to/mime.css
MIME Headers Style File=/path/to/mimehead.css
WML CSS File=/path/to/wml.css
OPF CSS File=/path/to/opf.css
CSR CSS File=/path/to/csr.css
Info CSS File=/path/to/info.css
Cache Style File=/path/to/cache.css
Dir Style File=/path/to/dir.css
Drives Style File=/path/to/drives.css
History Style File=/path/to/history.css
Plugins Style File=/path/to/plugins.css
About Style File=/path/to/about.css


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