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War§ow has a built-in IRC client, completely written from scratch by Aiwa, which allows multi-channel IRC chatting while playing a game.



irc_connect [<server>] [<port>] 
Connects to <server>:<port>, or to the server set up with cvars, and loads the IRC module if necessary.
Disconnects from the IRC server.
Unloads the IRC module.
irc_join <channel> 
Joins the specified channel.
irc_part <channel> 
Parts the specified channel.
irc_chanmsg {<msg>} 
Sends <msg> your default channel.
irc_kick <channel> <nick> [<reason>] 
Kicks <nick> from <channel>.
Enables an in-game prompt to send a message to your default chan (analogous to messagemode).
Enables an in-game prompt to send a private message to another user or some (non-default) channel.
irc_mode <target> <modes> {<param>} 
Sets specified IRC modes on <target>.
irc_names <channel> 
Shows all nicknames and their modes on <channel>.
irc_privmsg <target> {<msg>} 
Sends <msg> to <target> (user or channel).
irc_setNick <nick> 
Changes your nickname to <nick> (if that nick is available, ofc).
irc_who <usermask> 
Displays all users who are visible to you and match the given mask.
irc_whois <nick> 
Shows all visible info about <nick>.
irc_whowas <nick> 
Shows all visible info about the latest disconnected client called <nick>.


irc_console (0/1) 
Defines whether or not IRC messages are printed to the console.
irc_window (0/1) 
Dis-/enables the in-game IRC window.
irc_windowLines (integer)
Height of the IRC window (in lines).
irc_windowWidth (float)
Width of the IRC window (in percent of the game window).
irc_server (string)
IRC server to connect to.
irc_port (integer)
The IRC server's port.
irc_password (string)
The password needed to connect to the server. You should only need to set this variable for bouncers.
irc_nick (string)
Desired nickname.
irc_user (string)
Username (ident). You should only need to set this variable for bouncers.
irc_colors (0/1) 
If set to 1, mIRC color codes will be converted to War§ow color codes and vice versa. If set to 0, any color codes will be filtered.
irc_rcon (0/1) 
Dis-/enables IRC rcon (see below).

The following cvars control the Token Bucket protocol which limits the number of characters and messages sent to the IRC server, effectively acting as a flood protection. Setting these cvars to reasonable values is crucial for the IRC rcon feature, as the responses to rcon commands are being redirected to IRC.

irc_characterBucketBurst (float)
Maximum number of characters that may be sent at one time. Single messages larger than this value will be dropped, as sending them would exceed the maximum burst.
irc_characterBucketRate (float)
Refill rate in characters per second.
irc_characterBucketSize (float)
Maximum number of characters in send queue. If bucket is full, further messages will be dropped.
irc_messageBucketBurst (float)
Maximum number of messages that may be sent at one time.
irc_messageBucketRate (float)
Refill rate in messages per second.
irc_messageBucketSize (float)
Maximum number of messages in send queue. If bucket is full, further messages will be dropped.


irc_channels (read-only)
A list of all channels you are currently in.
irc_defaultChannel (read/write)
The channel that irc_chanmsg and irc_messagemode write to.


This file is executed when you connect to an IRC server.

Example: irc_join #warsow

Authenticating to Q or other IRC bots is not recommended!

IRC rcon

War§ow's IRC client allows you to control a server via IRC. Make sure irc_rcon is set to 1, connect the War§ow server to IRC (e.g. by calling irc_connect in the commandline), then open an IRC query to your server.

  1. Login: rcon login <rcon_password>
  2. Perform rcon commands (e.g. rcon status)
  3. Logout: rcon logout