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Natto officials: Emergency meeting to take place soon. (Roiters (sp?)). Soviet armed forces commander in the eastern republics: Soviet army is in full control. Soviet TV still broadcasts movies and music..... [ More way long news ... ]. The following is the full text of the state-of-emergency committee's. resolutions: ''With a view to protection the vital interests of the peoples and. citizens of the USSR and the country's independence and terrotorial integrity,. restoring law and order, stabilising the situation, overcoming the gravest. crisis, and preventing chaos, anarchy and a fratricidal civil war, the. state committee for the state of emergency in the USSR resolves: ''1. All bodies of authority and administration of the USSR, union. and autonomous republics, territories, regions, cities, districts, villages. and settlements should ensure unfailing compliance with state-of-emergency. regulations in keeping with the USSR law 'on the legal regime of a state. of emergency' and with the state committee for the state of emergency's. resolutions. In the event of their inability to ensure the observance. of these regulations, the powers of the respective bodies of authority. and administration are to be suspended, with their functions to be exercised. by officials specially appointed by the state committee for the state. of emergency. ''2. To immediately dismantle the structures of power, administration. and militarised units acting contrary to the constitution and laws of. the USSR. ''3. To regard the laws and decisions by bodies of power and administration. that run counter to the constitution and laws of the USSR as being henceforth. invalid. ''4. To suspend the activities of political parties, social organisations. and mass movements that prevent the normalization of the situation.''. 12:50 PM EDT. Dow Jones 12 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2910.55 Dn 57.47. Dow Jones 1 pm Averages: DJIA 2907.65 Dn 60.37 (EDT) Sec.Gen. UN (on vacation): Worried about the developements in the USSR, hopes international policies as well as internal progress do not suffer. French President: Demands democratization processes in USSR continue, Gorbachev and Yeltzin remain unharmed. [ More of that state of emergency resolution ]. [ in a bit ]. ''5. In connection with the fact that the state committee for the. state of emergency in the USSR temporarily assumes functions of the. USSR security committee, the activity of the latter is suspended. ''6. Citizens, institutions and organizations should hand in without. delay all types of fire-arms, munitions, explosives, military. hardware and equipment in their unlawful possession. The interior. [...]. ''7. The prosecutor's office, the interior ministry, the KGB and the. defense ministry of the USSR should organize effective interaction. of law-enforcement bodies and the armed forces to ensure protection. of public order and security of the state, society and citizens in. accordance with the USSR law ''on the legal regime of the state of. emergency'' and resolutions of the state committee for the state of. emergency in the USSR. ''Rallies, street marches, demonstrations and strikes are not. allowed. [... ]. ''8. To establish control over the mass media, entrusting it to an. agency specially set up under the state committee for the state of. emergency. [...] Finnish TV reports soviet troops being flown into Estonia all day long. More military flights are rumoured during the night. PARIS -AP- President Francois Mitterrand urged the leaders of the. right-wing coup in the Soviet Union to guarantee ''life and liberty''. for Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, suggesting they will be. judged harshly if they do not. 1:43 PM EDT. Dow Jones 2 pm Averages: DJIA 2906.08 Dn 61.94. Dow Jones 2 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2900.72 Dn 67.30 (EDT). WASHINGTON -DJ- The State Department took a wait-and-see attitude. on whether the Soviet Union will continue along the same line in. its reform efforts. ''I think we'll have to see what happens,'' said State Department. spokesman Richard Boucher, when asked whether the U.S. believes. Soviet statements that the new leadership will continue economic,. political and social reforms. 2:14 PM EDT. UNITED NATIONS -DJ- Secretary- General Javier Perez de Cuellar said. he hoped the coup in the Soviet Union wouldn't lead to violence or. civil strife and wouldn't derail democracy in Eastern Europe. In a written statement issued from Portugal, where he is on. vacation, the U.N. chief expressed surprise and concern over the. ouster of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. He emphasized the. importance of the Soviet Union respecting all of its international. obligations. CNN news, signing on. Soviet leaders still claiming that Gorbachev is "ill">. One leader even suggested that they would let him re-take control if/when he got "better". Yeltsin and the Russians seem to intend to separate the Russian government from the main government if they try to take over. Scowcroft Rules Out U.S. Military Involvement In USSR (2:56 PM EDT) CNN signing off. Swedish TV: 10 tanks rumoured travelling towards the Russian Parliment to defence it. General Gorbunov has taken control over the Baltic states. 300 paratroopers landed in Tallin. Kadaffi (sp?, Libya) and Saddam Hussein praises the new government. Sovjet TV program "Vremja" did show pictures of the people doing resistans in Moscow! Sjevardnaze and Jakov (?) supports Jeltsin. Strike in the coal mines in Russia, Jeltsin claims he has taken control of the KGB and the military in the Russian state. Janajev claims widespread support for his/their takeover. Janajev calls Jeltsin "irresponsible". Dow Jones 3 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2900.49 Dn 67.53 Sovjet security force has taken control over internal (state) affairs department, city council and the TV-hous in Riga. Telephone connections to Vilnius stopped. Dow Jones Closing Averages: DJIA 2898.03 Dn 69.99 (4: 34 PM EDT). BONN -AP- A Berlin daily newspaper reported that 20,000 Red Army troops. in former East Germany will be shipped back to the Soviet Union this. week to reinforce troops in their homeland. The newspaper ''Super'' said it got the information from a ''high-ranking. KGB officer'' at Red Army headquarters in Wuensdorf, near Berlin. It quoted the unidentified officer as saying: ''We have orders from. Moscow. We are mobilizing.''. Super telexed its report to other news organizations in advance of. Tuesday's publication. | Another newspaper, the respected daily Die Welt, reported in its Tuesday. editions that Red Army troops in eastern Germany had been placed on a. ''heightened state of alert.''. Neither report could be confirmed. 4:19 PM EDT. tell zohad Frankly, when it comes to world politics...American IRC users make the US look immature... (oops (blush)). WASHINGTON -AP- The U.S. military has observed no activity on the. part of Soviet strategic military forces threatening to the West. since the overthrow of Mikhail Gorbachev, Pentagon officials said. U.S. forces were not placed on a heightened state of alert, Bush. told reporters, and Powell kept an appointment for a routine. physical exam at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington on. this morning. 5:00 PM EST "YES or NO" A few minutes ago all israeli IRC suddenly stopped. Normal Internet connections to israel are still functioning correctly. This might very well be the end of israeli IRC I see only two chanops active here. Is anyone actually reporting? +o gnarfer I have some information that was dumped to #NEWS. I'll dump it here. It's about 64 lines long. From: (Jeff Bacon) posted to firearms-politics mailing list. (to subscribe, email to firearms-politics-request@cis.ohio- *** begin text *** The State of Emergency Committee has adopted its first decision. It. says that to safeguard the vital interests of the nations and. citizens of the Soviet Union, its independence and territorial. integrity, to restore legality, law, and order, to stabilize the. situation, to overcome the harsh crisis, and to prevent chaos,. anarchy, and a fratricidal civil war: The State of Emergency. Committee authorizes all bodies of power and administration to see. that the state of emergency is strictly observed. In the event of. inability to insure compliance with the state of emergency, the. powers of appropriate bodies of government and administration are. suspended, and their functions are delegated to the persons. specially authorized by the State of Emergency Committee. The. decision says that the structures of power and administration and. the paramilitary units acting against the U.S.S.R. Constitutional. laws are to be disbanded immediately. It dismisses as invalid the. laws and decisions of the bodies of power and administration running. counter to the U.S.S.R. Constitutional laws. The decision suspends. activities by the political parties, public organizations, and mass. movements obstructing the normalization of the situation. Citizens,. institutions, and organizations are urged to hand in without delay. all firearms, rounds of ammunition, explosive devices, and military. hardware they illegally possess. Meetings, street processions,. demonstrations, and strikes are prohibited. Media are put under. control. A body being especially set up [sic; "by" is absent] the. State of Emergency Committee is to implement this control. The. bodies of power and administration, the leaders of offices and. enterprises are to adopt measures to organize work teams better to. restore order and discipline in all spheres of life and society. The decision urges insuring the normal functioning of enterprises in. all the branches of the national economy. It calls for fighting. resolutely against black marketeers, and start legal and. administrative proceedings on facts of corruption, embezzlement,. second-hand dealing, the concealment of goods for sale, economic. mismanagement, and other abuses in the sphere of economy. The. decision urges removing any restrictions obstructing the movement of. food and consumer goods across the U.S.S.R. Special attention is to. be paid to the supply of goods in the first place to preschool. children centers, kindergarten schools, specialized secondary and. higher education establishments, hospitals, pensioners, and disabled. persons. The decision expects proposals to be made within a week on. how to put into order, freeze, and reduce the cost of some consumer. goods and foodstuffs mainly for children, public and catering. services, how to raise wages, pensions, allowances, and. compensations for various categories of citizens. In view of the. critical situation with harvesting and the threat of famine, the. decision urges adopting special measures to procure, store, and. process crops, and help farmers as much as possible. The decision. obliges the bodies of power and administration in the center and. locally to pay prime attention to the population's social needs: to. search for possibilities to significantly improve free medical. service and education. That was the first decision issued by the. State of Emergency Committee. [Recorded from Radio Moscow World. Service on 17695.2 MHz 20:20 UTC 19 August 1991] *** end text *** #Jupiter# Public Service Announcement: Irc nick plyfd is playing games with bradenville users... If you have a /on notice "plyfd *" $2- in your /on list, type /on notice - "plyfd *"... That command will allow plyfd to make your client issue commands #for# Next... test. Good morning... radio news headlines from WDR, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (West German Broadcast) from 9 o'clock local time. After a calm night the new government tends to more pressure and a. +harder line, especially against the baltic states and Leningrad. A large number of tanks is heading towards Leningrad. The baltic governments prepare for exile governments. Workuta workers are on general strike. In Kusnez are 20 of 100 coal mines on strike. Soviet media now under complete censorship. Only one official line in newspapers. Only one program lacking any information on TV. Bush demands return of Gorbachev to power. Bush warned to put off Baltic governments. Bush will not support any economical programmes. *Cameron* have there been any deaths or fighting, or anything related to. +Yeltsin or the Russian Federal Parliament? -> *cameron* No. Yesterday in the evening there were warning shots into the. +air. *Cameron* in the Baltics? -> *cameron* No, in Moscow. -> *cameron* It was said in the early moring that the new government did show. +patience to Yeltsin yesterday, but will go on a harder line today. Correspondent from Moscow: Strike in Workuta and in Central Sibiria (Kusnez). 26 mines (ca. 50%) on strike. 'strike will last until new govnmtnt resigns'. janayev called energy sector as absolutely vital for the state. in white russia the opposition is forming itself. New message: Yeltsin will put ultimatum on new government. Yeltsin stayed in the russian parliament during the night. slept for 2 hours only Scof: I hve my screen split up into 2 80X12 screens.. that is nast.. CNN Radio: 5 coal mines are closed down in strike, as called for by Yeltsin. All over Moscow roadblocks being setup by people to stop further tank movements [sorry... couldn't listen to the 10 am news... was disturbed by a human asking me how to implement random generators :-(] 10 Tanks and 250 paratroopers defected to Yeltsin's side. Source - Not sure...Channel 9 in OZ sourcing soneone else. Tanks 90km from Leningrad and heading in - source tsh vis Finnish Radio Stock exchange index update... Closing averages : Helsinki -3.59%; Tykyo -6%; Hong Kong -7.42%; Sydney -4. 1%; Taiwan -4.1%; Frankfurt -9.4% In hours before dawn - several tanks and armoured cars joined Teltsin and protected the parliment Frankfurt days lowest -11% Tanks still rolling in to Moscow. Yeltsin told KGB and army to obey his orders and ignore orders from coup members. A Lt Colnel told crown he would no obery orders to shoot people. I mean crowd. Unconfirmed report of explosion in Abzerbjan where can i get a status report of the action as ascii file ? i can send it to a moscow host ! Yeltsin wants to meet Gorba, and wants to have him under medical examination during next 3 days ... Mining strike covers majority of coal mines Military commander of south-Moscow, supporter of Yeltsin who sent. the tanks to defend gim, has been arrested. the tanks to defend gim, has been arrested Oil-industry won't join to Yeltsins General Strike ... source: RIA (Russion press agency) 30 of 180 armed vehicles heading to Tallinn "has broken in border" Russian parliment surrounded by Yeltsin supporters. Blockades around it made of overturned trucks and barbed wire and anything they can find Finn-sov travel agency (main gateway to SU) has gone to bankrupcy Troops currently not acting against protesters EEC just announces demands that Gorbatschov is put back in power source : Finland Radio - Noon news. Armed vehicles and army units continue going toward Leningrad. Baltia is under complete army control Viktor Alsnis' solution to the problems of ussr: 1. Remove Mikhail Gorbachev from the presidency. 2. Abolish the presidency altogether. 3. Create a "Committee of National Salvation.". 4. Outlaw all polical parties--including the Communist Party. 5. Grant the rpublics a limited degree of autonomy--but only. within the framework of a strengthened SU. Permit no secession. 6. Crush all secessionist movements--with force if necessary. 7. Crack down on all political movements and suppress all. political debate, discussion, and dissent. 8. Install a private market economy--at bayone-point if necessary. 9. Then, and only then, make a transition to multiparty. democracy and freedom of expression. 10. Rebuild the Soviet military to restore the reunified USSR. to superpower status in the world. Alsnis is a hard-line communist. that statement was made 3-4 months ago on the World Monitor. (source: talk.politics.soviet Finland Radio : Armed vehicles have just arrived to Tallinn. Tallinns' council will make their decision abt General Strike in meating starting 4 pm GMT + 4. Estonian Peoples Body will have major meeting starting 5 pm GMT + 4 20.000 demonstrators at the russian parliament now Paratroop unit has joined Yeltsin; Unconfirmed info is that one whole unit had turned to Yeltsin. Moscow city consil will try to stop armed vehicle colonna movin toward Gorby has been brought to moscow late last night Gorbys presense in Moscow has been confirmed by commitee. source : Finnish Radio. Gorby was flied to Moscow from Army Base in Crimi Thousands of demonstrators in Leningrad (unconfirmed). Armed forces approaching Kiev (unconfirmed). last two items: IDFradio. IDFradio == Israeli defence force radio ? Approximately 180 armoured vehicles and tanks are on their way to Leningrad, where a crowd of 100 000 people is said to have gathered to demonstrate. Source: Finnish TV. The tanks are said to have left from KGB's division in Vitebsk, and from the army's division in Pskov. In moscow, the number of tanks protecting the Russian Federation Parliament building is said to be 40. TASS: Starting tomorrow, USSR citizens will not be able to buy foreign currency. Associated Press: Jenajev confirmes: Gorbachev in Moscow. The Mayor of Leningrad, Anatolyi Sobtjak, condemns the takeover and urges the people to civil disobedience. Japanese Prime Minister: USSR situation intolerable. The EC now plans to cut support for the USSR. Source CNN. Associated Press: Last item mistaken - no confirmation by Jenajev as to Gorbachev being in moscow. AP now reports that Yanayev has denied rumours of Gorbachev's presence in the Kremlin. He says that Gorbachev is still at his vacational residence at the Crimean Sea, suffering from high blood pressure. Judge for yourself! Gorbas' ilness is "high blood pressure" - AP. All telephone, air and sea connection are operative again, but cause telephone overload placing call will take 2 to 3 hours ... 200,000 citizens in Leningrad streets! 50,000 in Moscow. Leningrad citizens led by Mayor. Tanks approaching Leningrad. almost no violence as yet. AP: withdraws reports that indicate gorbachev is in moscow. AP: gorbachev still on the isle of krim Jewish immigration from USSR to Israel continued as usual today. Russian immigrants in Israel worried about relatives in USSR. It was said on radio that Gorbachev perhaps meets leaders of some soviet republics soon gorbachev probably allowed to meet heads of parliament of the russian FSR Dollar dropping: 1UDS=1.802DM ( 1USD=1.82DM yesterday) Stock market recovering somewhat from the worldwide dip yesterday. CNN. Australia: cuts USSR credit. Makes clear that cold war is no longer acceptable. MMouse (australian, on IRC): Australia also cuts aid and communications with USSR parliament, Hawke says he is only interested in talking to Gorbachev. Soviet troops invaded radiostation in Riga, Latvia. Broadcasting ceased at about 0400 this morning. According to Latvian sources, one person died and another was injured, when the army opened fire against a small bus, that was trying to get through to. an area closed off by soviet forces. Confirmation about 1 dead, 1 injured (somewhat old news....) Source: Finnish TV. weather in Moscow: rain & cloudy.... BTW, for those who are interessted: the several statements that were published by yeltsin and others on the matter of the turnover of gorbachev can be read in Usenet Newsgroup talk.politics.soviet On MPR the director of "Connect US-USSR" said there is already vodka on. the shelves and food. Did the hard- liners hold back these goods? I. have heard many times that they have been. This would passify many people! source: talk.politics.soviet News from WDR, 1.00 pm local time: In the SU the resistance starts to form itself against the new rulers. A correspondent from Moscow told that obviously parts of the army share the position of yeltsin and the people. Public protest raises. Especially younger people are not prepared to follow the new government. In Moscow ca. 50,000 people are demonstrating and support Yeltsin. Yeltsin demands in a letter to the soviet parliament president to meet with Gorbachev within 24 hrs. Gorbachev is supposed to be still in a holiday home on Crim. Maybe Gorbachev will meet leading members of the parliament today. A large number of mine workers is on strike. The army shows its power with massive movement of troops. The situation in the baltic states is tensious [can one say 'tensious'?] Moscow radio: Jenajev issued order prohibiting Leningrad residents to resign their jobs. Radio ffn one o'clock-news: President Bush condemned again the inconstitutional use of violence in the USSR. He warned the combination of military and party to remove baltic governments. about a dozen russian tanks are in front of the russian parliament to protect Yelzin There will be no economical aid from the US until the constitutional order is errected again. --> more see WDR *end_of_news* TASS: Starting tomorrow, USSR citizens seeking to leave the country will not be able to buy foreign currency. not very many people follow yeltsinst(xDcall for strike and protest. OPINION: There is obviously to much information leaving the ussr. this indicates that the junta probably has no effective controll over the media. TASS seems to have published yeltsins bulletins yesterday. soviet soldiers in germany: soldiers in germany are not allowed to have radios capable of having western programmes. .. (soviet soldiers, of course) Officers Guarding Estonia are moving to local army bases soviet soldiers (continued)... up to 70% of the soviet soldiers support Gorbachev. The problem are the old officers Official statue of Yeltsins movement is huge rocket shaped balloon in the top on parliament. Tank colonna has stopped outside of Leningrad, there is no information abt its further movements... Gorbas ilness is officially defined as "high blood pressure and bad back". Radio City News, Helsinki (source) situation in moscow still not totally clear. some of the soviet military has change to yeltsins side, but the most of them just wait and see. Israeli Defence Forces Radio 14:30 news update: TASS: Starting tomorrow, USSR citizens seeking to leave the country will not be able to buy foreign currency. Demonstrators in Moscow and Leningrad: Demand restoration of former government and the return of Gorbachev. The USSR army in Estonia may refuse to use force against civilians. * that's all from IDF * (SU uucp connection backbone to internet) is still live and polling... Latest poll to fuug. fi started 14:33 local... (uucp backbone of su internet connection) is still alive and polling. Latest poll on started at 14:33 pm local PLEASE STOP FLOODING THE ONLY NARROW CHANNEL WITH BOGUS MESSAGES. WITH SILLY QUESTIONS. NOTE THAT IT'S NEITHER A TOY NOR A MEAN TO. REACH TO YOUR RELATIVES OR FRIENDS. WE NEED THE BANDWIDTH TO HELP. TO ORGANIZE THE RESISTANCE, PLEASE, DO NOT (EVEN UNINTENTIONALLY). HELP THESE FASCISTS! BEFORE SENDING SOMETHING TO SOVIET UNION PLEASE. THINK TWICE (OR BETTER THRICE). THANK YOU! Vadim Antonov. DEMOS, Moscow, USSR Yeltsin demands meeting with Gorba and Janajev within 24 hours. commitee has sended their minister of foreign affairs is on his way to meet Bush. In Leningrad in demonstration of over 100,000 in Winter Palace Park. Tanks are confirmed to bee stopped outsind Leningrad 11:45 - 3 devision of the red army joined Yeltzin's side 3 divisions to Yeltsin is confirmed. source: Radio City News 15:00 GMT+3 Helsinki, Finland posted from test man was reported killed in Riga by troops. during the night Gorbachev has been flown away from the Crimean to an unknown place. European community will freezes all aid tu the SU. Vice speaker of SU foreign office: Besmertnich (sp?) is sick and is away for a few days... arrest warrant had been issued for Boris Yeltsin. It's the first time. The source of the report about arrest warrent aginst Yeltzin is NBC Finnish Information Service - telex news at 16: 00. EU emergency meeting friday (PM - or similar is level). No, connection to Gorba... Miterand was tried to call him several times 200.000 demonstrators in Leningrad. 400.000 in the capital of Moldavia Yeltsin has defined his demands abt meeting... 3 divisions switching to yeltsin. 2 more commanding officers switching to Y. Tanks blocking all the roads to the Kreml. 2 officers switching to Y might be able to turn their units to Y too (movement seen near parliamet). * end of news * Israeli Defence Forces radio 16:00 news update: Schewarnadze warns from a civil was in USSR. * that's all from IDF * According to Finnish News Agencies, Gorbachev has been flown back to Moscow. This information comes from an aid to Boris Yeltsin. IDF Newsbreak: edmund hmm. Elrond _LP_. hmm swthrt. _LP_ Elrond. sorry guys! MY MISTAKE! test several cities support Jeltsin, among which Leningrad. 'coup has failed in Leningrad'. KGB in Leningrad supports city coucil IDF radio 16:30 news update: Mayor of leningrad says in the demonstration: Everything the comitee says about Gorbachev's health is lies! Everything else they say - also lies! Primakov: Gorbachev is in good shape, and is safe (Interfax). Eye witness to demonstration in Moscow: Great Demonstration, estimates 500,000 ppl in red square (my opinion - a little exagurated...). Natto meeting to discuss the USSR coup - tomorrow. * That's all from IDFradio *. Coming up at 17:00 L.T. (in 10 min) - IDF radio daily news report. News update 17:00. EU _ ministry group going over to Moscow during weekend (very high level) new soviet leaders wrote a letter to Saddam,. telling they hope cooperation can be extended Yeltsin threats people obeying commitee with court. Army : 3 unit under Y control; 2 more has offered co-operation. 26 Mines on strike. Rika and Vilna communication under army control. Tanks in Tallinn had seated to local army bases and around one factor complex (unknown purpose). *end of news* Israeli Defence Forces Radio 17:00 news report: Jenajev orders Yeltsins arrest. Estimated 150,000 demonstrators in Moscow. Yeltsin demands to meet Gorbachev. calls citizens to oppose to new comitee. Official announcement from comitee: Gorbachev is still in Crime (sp? ). Mator of Leningrad: Gorbachev is held against his will by comitee. Speaker of Lithuanian President: If a puppet regime is formed - the citizens will oppose and defend the current regime. European foreign ministers: Aid to USSR freezed partially. Will try to meet with Gorbachev. USSR citizens seeking to leave the country will not be able to buy foreign currency, beginning tomorrow. Stock exch. around the world recovering from yesterdays crashes. * That's all from IDFradio * telegram news : The People Body of Estonia has started their mass demonstration in Tallinn; City Council is still in their meeting (started 16:00) - one of the main purposes of the meeting is to decide Estonians' way to join to General Strike - Fin News Ag Explaining: USSR citizens will not be able to buy foreign currency in USSR banks. Israeli console to Moscow on the phone from Moscow: Saw the demonstrations, has not seen any violence. Media in Moscow gives very little info. to the citizens. * END *. Moscow TV broadcasting a concert.... Almost no news reports there... Bush in a press conf.: sends envoy to USSR to clearly understand situation there. returns to Main, but will keep in touch..... The american ppl supports the soviet ppl. Straus (sp?) - new American ambasador to USSR.
AFP: Russian leadership orders people to leave govt. building,. fears imminent attack by Soviet troops. (BR = Bavarian Radio, Germany) Bush: The reforms can't be stopped or withdrawn. The support for Yeltsin is widespread. Bush: It's too early to say what will become of the Middle East Peace conference. There is no contact with Besmertnich. At press conference Bush calls coup "illegal".
EC freezes economic help to USSR, so do USA + Japan Bush: will not recognize the new regime, in the short term. USA like Yeltzin will continue to stand with Gorbachev. Bush: Will try to stand with Gorb. as Yeltzin does. Bush: We're not threatening, this is no time for machoism. Bush: What's needed is support for the people. Bush: We're not going to turn our backs on the duly elected leader. Bush: Thee new leadership can't solve the problems without help from outside. Bush: No info on Gorb. safety (opinion) Bush seems to be suggesting that economic pressure will be sufficient. Bush indicates having been in contact with Yeltzin Bush: Strauss will be playing it by ear in Moscow. Bush: US does not intend to legitimize illegal coup. Bush: What is it about August?! Bush: Going back on vacation but will closely monitor situation. Bush: Don't think we could have done anything to make this event less likely Bush: This must not become an East/West confrontation. Bush: This is not an East/West confrontation Bush: People are looking to the US for leadership. Press conference over. Bush: Don't want to set back any of the important changes, particularly in East Europe Head of Leningrad KGB has refused to cooperate with new leadership. and denounced state of emergency. (told to reporter of BBC) Well, I have to go. Might join you ppl in a few hours. Keep updated! From Uzbekistan backing for the new 'leadership'. From many other republics come reports of political resistance and demonstrations. (BBC). Troops around Kiev. Support from Kamtschatka (far east) for Yeltsin
Occupation of Lithuanian broadcasting station Kaunas ended radio stations in many republics still are operating independently Official from Russian parl.: Gorbachev will return to moscow tomorrow. (not confirmed)
EC summit planned for Friday Europe 1 radio station, from Moscow: New regime not stable. Protest demonstrations in Germany. Gensher (sp? ) calls to stop economic aid to USSR. No news at all about an arrest warrant against Yeltsin, Jenajev sent a letter to Sadam Husain promissing USSR support. (unconfirmed) BBC says whereabouts of Gorbatchov still totally unknown. letter to Hussein was confirmed 1 hour ago by dutch radio too last item - Iraki info. agency....
RIA (Russ. news ag.?) reports attack on russ. govt. planned for tonight It's 17:30 MET DST. Vice-Mayor of Moscow warned that there will be an attack on the russian parliament tonight. several commanders have told they will refuse to shoot at people. government of Kazachstan just has turned against leaders of the coup and demands info on Gorbatchov. New US ambassador will not hand credentials no new junta. * end of news *. more and more signs of further split in red army. EC will also stop delivering food for the time being even 'black baret' (OMON troops) have sided with Yeltsin. they are high elite troops. in Leningrad troops of interior department who vere supposed to be very reliable have sided with the Leningrad mayor It's 18:00 MET DST. test. ============================================================ =====. = Copy of the message from KHOTIMSKI to GUEST =. = nof 18:31 20/08/1991 =. ============================================================ =====. I am just from the demonstration. Yesterday the coup committee banned all the meetings and demonstrations. along with cut-off of all but nine Moscow newspapers. Today many papers were. published as leaflets and demonstrations did take place. The major one. had been scheduled to be held at Manezhnaya sq., next to Kremlin,. but the square was blocked by armoured vehicles and soldiers (without. ammunition I dare believe). So that one demonstration and meeting started. at noon by the House of Soviets (Russian Parliament and current Yeltsin's. residence), another -- at Tverskaya str in front of. Moscow City Council (1 km from Kremlin). The latter joined the former. at appr 2 pm, totally some 100 thousand people attended (my estimation). Among spokesmen were President Yeltsin of Russia,. the Veep Aleksander Rutskoy, former foreign minister Ed. Shevardnadze,. former Gorbachev's Chief Advisor Aleksander Yakovlev,. retired KGB Gen. Oleg Kalugin and others. No attempts were made to dissolve. the meeting. It is still unknown where President Gorbachev is held. Rumors say he is. under arrest at Crimea resort Pharos or at the Navy base in Sevastopol. His. personal physician saw him on Saturday, when he was quite OK. The key objects of Moscow are occupied by troops supported by the tanks. and armoured cars, these squads do have ammunition. As I have just learned, the Extraordinary Committee issued. the order to arrest President Yeltsin. On the other hand, Yeltsin's decree. claims the coup members and those officials who obey their orders. the state criminals, subjects to criminal prosecution. Last news: the specnaz (special troops) are moving towards the House. of Soviets to attack the residence. --from Moscow, 18:20 MT. denis. that last message was from IASNet, a node in x25 in moscow. From Moscow, 18:20 MT. The specnaz (special troops supporting the coup committee) is moving. towards the House of Soviets - Boris Yeltsin's residence. There is a danger of attack. Earlier today the coup commitee issued an order to arrest President. Yeltsin. (acc. to Echo of Moscow radio station) - D' Dow Jones 11 30 am Averages: DJIA 2906.53 Up 8.50. Dow Jones noon Averages: DJIA 2906.08 Up 8.05 (EDT). Index Latest Prev Change PC Chg. Close. Nikkei c-21687.06 21456.76 up 230.30 1.1. DAX (Fkft) c-1526.93 1497.93 up 29.00 1.9. FT-SE 100 c-2554.5 2540.5 up 14.0 0.6. CAC40(Paris) c-1725.5 1687.5 up 38.0 2.3. c-Closed. 12:01 PM EDT It's 18:30 MET DST. LONDON -DJ- U.K. Prime Minister John Major said Russian President Boris Yeltsin informed him during a telephone conversation that tanks were moving to the Soviet parliament building where he is currently holed up. Major, speaking to reporters outside his official residence at 10 Downing Street, said that the Russian Republic's president added that ''he believed he hadn't very much time left.'' 12:21 PM EDT. guest, guest It's 19:00 MET DST. Radio ffn - news at 7.00 pm local time :.... Soviet army probably plans an attack against russian parliament. Yeltsin ordered women and children to leave parliament area, men shall come to help defending parliament Dow Jones 12 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2905.86 Up 7.83. Dow Jones 1 pm Averages: DJIA 2899.15 Up 1.12 (EDT) russian government plans a government in exile for case of emergency. Today huindred-thousands protested in USSR. Estland plans to declare it's independance for today or tomorrow. *END OF NEWSHEADLINES* It's 19:30 MET DST. Norwegian tv : Schevardnadze held a speech a while ago condemning the dictatorship. also, yeltsin said he thought he would win bis: Manipulated is and understatement.. I don't think he is doing anything. HELSINKI -AP- The Estonian parliament intended to declare the. republic's independence from the Soviet Union tonight, Estonian. Foreign Minister Lennart Meri said. Meri told a press conference in Helsinki that the parliament was. working on a declaration of independence and an announcement was. expected later tonight. The leaders of the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and. Lithuania have also given permission for the formation of exile. governments in case the Soviet army removes the elected governments. from power, Meri said. 1:14 PM EDT It's 20:00 MET DST. NEWS (8 pm. MEST) Radio ffn, private radio in Germany: news. 'NEWS (8 pm. MEST) Radio ffn, private radio in Germany: Radio ffn, Germany, at 7 pm: sorry 8pm: (I don't know why , but I get the message '*** #report : Cannot send to channel (from *.edu). I continue: Russian president Yeltsin asked britain premier for supports. Yeltsin thinks he has not much time any more. This night soviet troups probably want to attack russian parliament. The mood is becoming panic. Tanks are approaching from north-east to the building. Yeltsin wants men defend russian parliament, women and children leave the area of russian parliament. *End of News-headline from private Radio ffn, Germany* News update : News update : ATTENTION: If you get a 'Cannot send to channel'  from *.edu  please ignore it! Finnish tv says: prime minister pavlov resigned.. 'health' reasons.. forward to channel, please. from *WiZ* Acording to officials Scandinavian Concil has agreed to bring up human-rights in ESCM -meeting mid- september ... It's 20:30 MET DST. Dow Jones 2 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2898.70 Up 0.67 (EDT) Usage: dump [0123456789fustdWwnDCcb [argument]] filesystem MOSCOW -AP- A Russian official said today that one of the coup. leaders, Defense Minister Dmitri Yazov, was being replaced on the. emergency committee ruling the country. Vladimir Lukin, head of the Russian parliament's Foreign Relations. Committee, said Yazov had taken ill, and that his duties in the new. government were temporarily being filled by Gen. Mikhail Moiseyev,. the chief of the general staff. A duty officer at the Defense Ministry Press Center said he could. neither confirm nor deny the report. 2:34 PM EDT. Update: 11:00 am PDT Dow: +2.24 100 tanks, 50 APC's on. move in Moscow. Lenningrad, Baltics report. units moving too. Attack expected tonight, within hours. Baltics. will be setting up governments in exile, plans for declariation of. independance tonight. Ammo and gas masks being spread by Yeltsin. supporters. Azerbajain troops flown to Moscow. Gorbechev was. offically arrested when he went to an airport to fly to Moscow. Late report, the parlm. building first floor is mined, people. inside are armed with auto weapons. KGB leader and the prime. minister has resigned, no reason given, so has the minister of. defence, heart problems stated. All three were members of the. group of 8 on the committee who ousted Gorbechev. The backbone of SU Internet uucp connection is still alive... It's last poll started 21:36... The head of demos moscow (coonection hq) asks people to think at least twice before sending mail to SU, since the connection is slow get easily overloaded. News update, Finland News Agency, 22:00 local (GMT+2+DST) It's 21:00 MET DST. Moscow is under limited movement rules after 23: 00 Moscow time. Yeltzin has said, that KGB and army troops in Russian are under his control Radio ffn NEWS at 22h GMT+2 Yeltzin proclaims, that he'll stay in charge as long as the new commitee tries to rule This night limited movement rules in Moskow (see Sco). Probably attack against russian parliament THIS NIGHT. *end-of-news* (see Scofield-News) The Degree on Independence of Estonia will take place tonight. Riga is waiting for attack to Riga radio&tv; tonight says Mr Meri (Ambassabor of Estonia). * end of news * Telex news will follow in 30 mins. In case of "normal" developement of situation, major updates will take place once an hour to 24:00 local and after that every 2 hours. PARIS -AP- Russian Republic Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev said. that the Soviet Union's largest republic would form a. government-in-exile if the junta that overthrew Soviet President. Mikhail Gorbachev stays in power. Kozyrev met today with French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas and. issued ''a call to western public opinion and governments to condemn. the coup d'etat ... demand the return of the legitimate president. ... and lend assistance to all democratic forces.''. Kozyrev also met Hubert Vedrine, French President Francois. Mitterrand's spokesman.He was to travel to Washington tomorrow for. talks with U.S. officials. 2:54 PM EDT Shawn: something like that.. If itcomes to shooting the civis or supporting Yeltsin, I suspect the troops will support Yeltsin. Soviet troops have attacked against 2 Latvian border outposts. *mao_SWF3* doesnt work and have leave now, want to phone to caucasus tonight; my news from SWF3 was: Yenyaev doenst know about parliament. attacking plans (he says) and wants to inform himself and stop any. such orders. BYE COPENHAGEN -AP- The Latvian parliament Tuesday set a deadline of 6. a.m. local time tomorrow for Soviet forces to vacate buildings they. occupied in the country, or the government would call a general. strike, said Latvian Foreign Minister Janis Jurkans. 2:46 PM EDT News update : Ministers of 12 EU member countries have decided to stop all help to SU before EU high-level meeting friday Dow Jones 2 30 pm Averages: DJIA 2898.70 Up 0.67. Dow Jones 3 pm Averages: DJIA 2908.54 Up 10.51 (EDT) Moscow banks have disagreed goverment banks denial to sell foreign currency to SU citizens. Intourist (SU goverment travel agency) doesn't see any reason to delay scheduled tourist flights to selected holiday sites in SU. *end of news update*. source : Finland News Agency - Telex News Compilation no 7. Vernoshkaya Bank (govermental bank) has prohibited sellin of all foreign currency to private SU Citizens. After the demand of The Mayor of Moscow, Moscow banks have agreed to continue exchange It's 21:30 MET DST. #choo# hello. In order to keep irc in Israel, we need everyone who cares to give a short comment about it's educational benefits, or one self-experience examples. write to : (please help) the following is an english transliteration of the letter Yeltzin read to the group of people yesterday.... Path:!!apple!decwrl!fernwood! cronos!Metaphor.COM!eli. From: eli@Metaphor.COM (Eli Lauris). Newsgroups: talk.politics.soviet. Subject: RE: Yeltzin's letter. Message-ID: <>. Date: 19 Aug 91 18:40:58 GMT. Sender: news@cronos.metaphor. com. Reply-To: eli@Metaphor.COM (Eli Lauris). Organization: m4. Lines: 36. This is my translation of the posting of Yeltzin's letter published in Russian. transliteration by Ury Segal: --------------------- To citizens of Russia,. In the night of August 18, 1991 the duly elected president of the country was. removed from power. Whatever the reasons given for this removal, we are dealing with a right-wing,. reactionary, anti-constitutional overthrow. In spite of all difficulties borne by the people, the democratic process in. the country has taken an increasingly deeper dimension, irreversible nature. The peoples of Russia are becoming masters of their fate. We have severely. restricted the rights of unconstitutional organs, including party organs. The leadership of Russia took a decisive position toward the Union Treaty. Our position on this issue allowed quick conclusion of negotiations, agreement. with all republics and setting the date for its signing -- August 20, 1991. This development of events aroused the anger of reactionary powers, led them. to irresponsible, adventurous attempts to solve difficult economic and. political problems by force. There were already previous attempts at the. coupe d'etat. We believed and continue to hold that such methods of force are unacceptable. They discredit USSR before the entire world, undermine our prestige in the. world community and return us to the era of cold war and isolation of Soviet. Union from the rest of the world. All this compells us to declare as illegitemate the so-called Committee that. came to power. Accordingly, we declare as illegal all decisions and actions. of this Committee. We are sure that local authorities will strictly follow the constitional laws. and directives of the president of Russian Federation. We call upon the citizens of Russia to give a determined response to the. perpetrators of this Putsch and return the country to normal constitional. development. It is absolutely essential to allow the president of the country Gorbachev to. address the people. We demand immediate convening of the Regional Conference. of People's Deputies of the USSR. We are absolutely certain that our compatriots will not allow the disgraceful. and unscrupulous perpetrators of the Putsch to establish a rule of lawlessness. We call upon the armed forces to show their civilian conscience and not to. participate in this reactionary overthrow. Until these demands are fulfilled, we call for a general unlimited strike. We don't doubt that the world community will objectively judge this cynical. attempt of right-wing coupe d'etat. President of RSFSR (signature) Yeltzin, B.N. Chairman of SM (?) (signature) Silayev, I.S. Executive (?) of the Chairman of Supreme Soviet of RSFSR (signature). Khasbulatov, R.I. the english translation was posted to talk.politics.soviet, if you have access to USENET. i also have some wire reports (that were also posted to talk. politics.soviet, if you'd like me to dump those on the half- hour, or whatever) News update, BBC world service, 23:00 GMT+2+DST Scott: 1200baud? It's 22:00 MET DST. News update from Radio ffn, germany at 22 h GMT+2 Moscow is under limited movement rules starting now. All ppl outdoors will be arested till morning, ppl without ID for 3 days. Orders of Gorba's arresting came from 3 leading KGB Generals, and he was arrested in airport, after denying to sign his resign... He was under hold of KGB at Crimi. Atmosphere in Estonia is tensing, since people are waiting for armys action. Army ordered ppl to remove all barricades before 23:00. *end of news* source was BBC world service Now News from Radio ffn, Germany: In the leadership of soviet army seems to be a quarrel. News agency INTERFAX sais that Yasow has resigned. and also the chief of KGB. In Germany lots of people protested. *Wumpus* hm, american press spells it Yazov, he's the head of the armed. forces. INTERFAX SAIS, he resigned. *End of News from: private Radio ffn, Hannover, Germany*. *Wumpus* that means the head of the KGB and the armed forces are gone, so the. only one of the 3 major coup architects left is Boris Pugo, the. Interior Minister. I have no further information now Yazow's resign was absolutely denied by the spokesman of the new comitee (was on the news)... The news abt Yazow's resign was published by "Moscow Echo", "intependend news agency" Judge yourself ! Moscow on_line ! update ! Red Square and front on parliament are very heavily populated in rainy weather... Limitations to free movement were _CANCELED_. There in much less women and clidren outdoors now that yeasterday. more and more people are coming to red square and to front of parliament... people are seem to come streets later than yeasterday. ppl are very optimistic, all-night guards will be in front of parliament all night, however ppl don't believe to use of army power against them... In Moscow in one independend radio, which has become the leading source of information to counter movement. However in Moscow, there is no news from Estonia/Baltia. *end* source : Finnish press attachee of embassy in moscow. that was on_line interview from Moscow! It's 22:30 MET DST. Estonian parlament has declared Estonia a free country (from the USSR). Happened 25 minutes ago. Radio ffn- NEWS It's 23:00 MET DST. Midnight News, Fin News Agency, 24:00 GMT+2+DST (Moscow time). Estonia has declared themself to independend country Resigned: Yasov and KGB-chief (repeated). (Interfax) Yeltsin has declared himself to director of Su till commitee will resign. Yeltsin believes, that : ZK-buraeu declared this report as FALSE a) army won'y attack civils. b) revolution will be over in 4 days. Thecoslovagia (hmm ?) has send 6,000 men-in-arms to SU borders Estonia is independant Sweden has opened their borders to SU people 62 soviets denied travelling back from Kiel (FRG) to SU *end of headline news* *more news at midnight in Germany from Radio ffn, Hannover* Sweden has stopped processing any asylum requests from USSR-people. Ie, nobody will be sent back. The Swedish government is preparing for refugees from the Baltic states. There is no confirmed sign about army units obeying Yeltzins order to all army and KGB units to stay or return to their home bases. U.K.'s ITN Reports Automatic Gunfire Near Russian Parliament 5:12PM EDT (no details available yet) The Russian White House baracades are being battered by about 10 APCs, some shots are being fired up into the air from APCs and solders. People are leaving the square, and the building are safe. The militia is standing by, so are the people, they seem to be milling back and forth. (CBS Live) Estonia declares full independence from the Soviet Union, to take place with immediate effect [ITN] It's 23:30 MET DST. shots fired at russian parliament from direction of USA embassy [ITN] People on the square are ready for re-make of "bloody Peking" if nessecery. (source : Here Moscow; on_line interviews of people on square and around parliament). "We try to stop tanks with bare hands if we have to, and we'll let them mash us, before we'll leave" - same source Sat 1: Oberbuergermeister von Moskau hat den Putschisten das Wasser. in ihren eigenen Wohnungen abgedreht. Translation: 12 tanks reported to be moving towards russian parliament after gunfire [ITN - just now] the mayor of moscow has shut off the water supply to the junta's. homes *laugh* from SAT.1 (privat TV-Station, Germany) "Pavlov is ill" - source radio Moscow (sovjet commentator : "means 'Heart-attack'") US Embassy blocked off by large trucks. Western media locations are being used by military units. Military spot light flashing around, three single shots fired just now. 21:59 GMT --- Regia - The Latia parlm building has been taken over by armed soviet troops according to rep. of Latia in Washington. No shots were fired. It's 0:00 MET DST. 24.00 NEWS from ffn (no news broadcast in Finland this time) (nothing new in the 24.00 NEWS from Swedish Nat. Radio) People in the Russian building are very worried. CNN not sure what the flashes are. Constant announcements in the Russian Parlianment building that tanks are approaching. Man found shot dead near the U.S. Embassy building. NEWS from Radio ffn: Gisbert Mossek, radio reporter in the house of parliament in Russia, reported No reports heard of deaths or injuries at teh Russian Parliament building. with disturbance, because in the house was switched of lights. because an attack of a KGB-special- troup is expected every time "Gunfire heard downtown Moscow" - BBC commentator in Moscow Next hours will bring decision. He said, that perhaps first people outside was killed by guns. gunfire From PBS - Radio Liberty is still being broadcast to Moscow, 4 tanks loyal to Yeltsin is still in position on the other side of the moscow river. tanks are coming nearer to parliament building Correction, make that 8. Four on each side of the main ave. to the russian parlm. *This was the main information from Radio ffn News at 24.OO GMT+2, a german private Radio* CNN has taped weapon fire now. *More news at 1 GMT+2 or earlier* Time to go. CNN signing off. Baltian nations have declared 3 ambassadors with rights to collect refungee goverments in case on emergency - Fin News Agency - Telex News compilation 8 I want my server to have a /hush command.. Special news update ! Sovjet parliament is under tank attack... dead peoples all around !!! sco:  YOUR SOURCE !!!! ? *end of news* - source Finland News Agency 01:22 am Moscow time no information about it, yet MOSCOW -AP- A news report said one person was shot and killed and. several injured early today as armored vehicles crashed through the. farthest barricades guarding the Russian parliament building. The independent radio Echo Moskva, quoting the Russian republic's. RIA news agency, said one person was killed in an exchange of. gunfire. It said several people were hurt, including one who was. run over by a vehicle. There were no details immediately and no independent. confirmation. 6:13 PM EDT How do I change windows?? It's 0:30 MET DST. I just missed another special update on 98.8MHz anyone got it ? Was it same in swedish ? Missed it too. Sigh. a radio station (KERA 90.1, dallas, texas) is reporting live via a telephone that several people have been killed.. ...8 or 9 newspapers will be allowed to continue publishing, (most of them communist) Floodlights have been put up on Parliament bldg (the reporter on the phone is several miles from the parliament building). radio russia has been broadcasting from within the Parliament Building. a possibility that "echo mos-3" (radio station) is going to be shut down.. more tank movements reported, roadblock forming on garden ring road, tanks moving up kalinen avenue towards parliament (thats MORE tanks) [ITN, 23:44 GMT BST] npr reports echo moskva went off the air at ~0115 moscow time. reporter in moscow confirmed that, also.. said it hasn't been heard from since (KERA 90.1 FM, 17:40 CDT). "if they take yeltsin, they could have a real mutiny on their hands". (KERA 90.1 FM, Dallas, TX, 17:47 CDT) De Cuellar the UN chief appeals to soviet leaders for restraint [ITN, 23:49 GMT BST] Major news update will come in 12 minutes scofield: That's called advertising :-) test (after last news update Radio Finland started to play only melancholy music - no DJ anymore) It's 18:00 MET DST. Yazov and Krutchkov are going to Gorbatchov on the Krim too, to give their excuses :-). the others are going to Kirgizia Members of the emergency commitee that ousted Gorbachev are reported to have Moscow by air. Soviet troops and tanks have begun withdrawing from the centre of Moscow to the cheers of bystanders. One tank commander said they were "going home". The dramatic and fast moving events in Moscow appear to be reaching a climax. There are clear indications that the coup which deposed president Gorbachev is collapsing. Finnish tv: Tallinn tv station is free. Soldiers have left from the tv tower. NEW YORK -DJ- Ousted Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev was freed. in the Crimea and was expected to return to Moscow very soon, a. senior Supreme Soviet official told Kyodo news service. A Kyodo news item from Moscow said Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov. and KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov have arrived in the Crimea to offer. an apology to Gorbachev over the failed coup, the official said. 11:44 AM EDT Share prices have risen on the news that the coup is collapsing. 7who +nixlos It's 18:30 MET DST. Bessmertnich says he had been on holiday and had been sick. that's why he did not oppose the coup before. he could not yet say if the coup leaders will be sentenced to death. the western diplomats that would join the plane to Gorbatchov haved missed the plane. TASS just announced that Gorbatchov has been reinstalled as President Index Latest Prev Change PC Chg. Close. Nikkei c-22051.60 21687.06 up 364.54 1.7. DAX (Fkft) c-1570.82 1526.93 up 43.89 2.9. FT-SE 100 c-2601.9 2554.5 up 47.4 1.9. CAC40(Paris) c-1792.8 1725.5 up 67.3 3.9. c- Closed. 12:03 PM EDT Moscow tv is sending interviews of three people, one of them is Gorbatchev's adviser. Unfortunately I don't understand Russian. But this is the first time this week Moscow tv is sending something else than old russian movies or music.. (Moscow tv is a tv station which can be seen in some parts of Finland) #report +o woo It's 19:00 MET DST. 19.00 GMT+2 NEWS-Headlines from Radio ffn, FRG:. .. RIA: all 8 of the gang went to the Krim to meet Gorbatchov To: References: <9108211255.AA26084@ >. Organization: DEMOS, Moscow, USSR. From: (Vadim Antonov). Date: Wed, 21 Aug 91 19:05:35 +0200 (MSD). Newsgroups: relcom.politics,talk.politics.soviet. Subject: Re: Any info from inside? Now all are optimistic but mortally tired. The feeling is as after. long heavy illiness. Vadim Yeltsin has taken command of military. (dfunk is DeutschlandFunk 19.00 GMT+2 NEWS-Headlines from Radio ffn, FRG:. .. Gorby is appointed again into his office by the Russian government. Yeltsin has taken command of all military. No clear information about the leader of junta. *End of NEWS from ffn* It's 19:30 MET DST. nothing new from BBC (Gorby on his way to Moscow, some of junta fled to unknown location). it seems the Russian KGB persuaded the soviet KGB not to shed blood. In St.Petersburg (former Leningrad) blockades already removed, and great relief. Estland: soldiers retreated from the TV, during this some incidents with local population. no shootings however Finnish tv: SU Central committee confirmed that Gorbatchev is back in power. Since this crisis seems to be fading away, I want to thank everyone ! See you again, in the next world crisis ! Bye Scofield, thanx for Information Finnish tv: Bush has had a telephone conversation with Gorbachev. It's 20:00 MET DST. 20.00 GMT+2 Radio ffn-Newsheadlines:.... Gorby will meet the 8 Junta-leaders. and go back to Moskow. CNN reports that Gorby is on his way back to moskow "Major clean up will take place in the Red Army and the KGB" - AFP *end of Radio ffn*. Sorry: end of News from Radio ffn "21:00 official release from mr. Gorba to Sovjet people" - FNA It's 20:30 MET DST. It's 21:00 MET DST. 21.00 GMT+2 Radio ffn-NewsHeadlines:.... *No real new information* It's 21:30 MET DST. "The Sovjet minister of foreign affair has said in Bryssel, that the hard-liner might try again, even as soon as next night. He says, that all western countries should stay in alert" - reuter It's 22:00 MET DST. 22.00 GMT+2 Radio ffn-NewsHeadlines: Gorby talks with leaders of Junta and expected in Moskow soon. He will again work as president. USA promisses economic help. *end of NewsHeadlines, next at 23 GMT+2* Testing... *Crawdad* duration of coup: 59 hours NPR: Sources in Tass say that Gorby will be meeting w/Yeltzin and Politburo first when he arrives. NPR: KGB chief (one of coup leaders) evidently is not with the others... NPR: "has gone to a place where they know him". NPR: More rumors of Yazov's suicide...again, it's doubtful. NPR: Absolute euphoria in Moscow...crouds outside parliament... NPR: Singing, chanting Yeltzin's name.... etc. NPR: Media is back on...independent stations and all. NPR: Bush praises Yeltzin for his resistence... NPR: The key to failure...underestimation of Boris Yeltzin... NPR: Coup leaders had no popular following...old men, hardliners... NPR: Great secrecy...generals organized it.. .no rank and file involvement. NPR: Coup leaders hoped to frighten and intimidate ppl as in past...realized finally that only massive bloodshed was only thing that would work. NPR: Far greater mil. would have had to have been used to enforce coup...not possible with mil. splits. KGB will be stripped of most domestic powers. It's 22:30 MET DST. It's 23:00 MET DST. Radio ffn, 23.OO GMT+2, NEWS:...rumours say that Putsch was planned for the day of signing contract of republics. No further new news It's 23:30 MET DST. I say good-night to everyone.  Thanks for your interesting information.  I will be back at next crises. Till then BYE, yours Triton (as Radio_ffn) It's 0:00 MET DST. It's 0:30 MET DST. It's 1:00 MET DST. Gorby's plane has landed to Moscow - FNA 02:00 GMT+2+DST CNN confirmed that Gorby has landed to Moscow! It's 1:30 MET DST. CNN confirmed with live update that gorby _is_ in moscow! It's 2:00 MET DST. CNN info Head of KGB arrested! A crowd of 10,000 ppl is awaiting gorbachov in front of the russion parliament It's 2:30 MET DST. there's a rumor that yasov and some other guy have been to the krim to see gorbi, and come back to moscow with him ... (german tv news, nothing about the alleged suicide anymore). seems like the guys staging the coup actually tried to arrest yeltsin ... missed him by 20 minutes or so . .. It's 3:00 MET DST. It's 3:30 MET DST. It's 4:00 MET DST. It's 4:30 MET DST. It's 5:00 MET DST. It's 5:30 MET DST. It's 6:00 MET DST. It's 6:30 MET DST. It's 7:00 MET DST. It's 7:30 MET DST. It's 8:00 MET DST. It's 8:30 MET DST. It's 9:00 MET DST. It's 9:30 MET DST. It's 10: 00 MET DST. It's 10:30 MET DST. It's 11:00 MET DST. It's 11:30 MET DST. It's 12:00 MET DST. It's 12:30 MET DST. It's 13:00 MET DST. It's 13:30 MET DST. It's 14:00 MET DST. It's 14:30 MET DST. It's 15:00 MET DST. It's 15:30 MET DST. It's 16:00 MET DST. It's 16:30 MET DST. It's 17: 00 MET DST. It's 17:30 MET DST. It's 18:00 MET DST. he explained how he has been captured, how the junta has been putting him under pressure to either join them or else transfer power It's 18:30 MET DST. It's 19:00 MET DST. It's 19: 30 MET DST. pugo commigted suicide (german tv news, possibly old) It's 22:00 MET DST. It's 22:30 MET DST. seems like people are blocking the building of the central committee ... (german tv). to prevent the party from taking out papers. the communist party of kasachstan is leaving the soviet communist party It's 23:00 MET DST. It's 23:30 MET DST. It's 0: 00 MET DST. It's 0:30 MET DST. #Mirth# Happy Twentieth Birthday To elvira! It's 1:00 MET DST. It's 1:30 MET DST. It's 2:00 MET DST. It's 2:30 MET DST. It's 3:00 MET DST. It's 3:30 MET DST. It's 4:00 MET DST. It's 4:30 MET DST. It's 5:00 MET DST. It's 5:30 MET DST. It's 6:00 MET DST. It's 6:30 MET DST. It's 7:00 MET DST. It's 7:30 MET DST. It's 8:00 MET DST. It's 8:30 MET DST. It's 9:00 MET DST. It's 9:30 MET DST. It's 10:00 MET DST. It's 10:30 MET DST. It's 11: 00 MET DST. It's 11:30 MET DST. It's 12:00 MET DST. It's 12:30 MET DST. It's 13:00 MET DST. It's 13:30 MET DST. It's 14:00 MET DST. It's 14:30 MET DST. It's 15:00 MET DST. It's 15:30 MET DST. It's 16:00 MET DST. It's 16:30 MET DST. It's 17:00 MET DST. It's 17:30 MET DST. It's 18: 00 MET DST. It's 18:30 MET DST. It's 19:00 MET DST. It's 19:30 MET DST. It's 20:00 MET DST. It's 20:30 MET DST. It's 21:00 MET DST. It's 21:30 MET DST. It's 22:00 MET DST. It's 22:30 MET DST. It's 23:00 MET DST. It's 23:30 MET DST. It's 0:00 MET DST. It's 0:30 MET DST. It's 1:00 MET DST. It's 1:30 MET DST. It's 2:00 MET DST. Anybody wants to do any reporting? Or are you all dead loggers in here? It's 2:30 MET DST. It's 3:00 MET DST. It's 3:30 MET DST. It's 4:00 MET DST. It's 4:30 MET DST. It's 5:00 MET DST. It's 5:30 MET DST. It's 6:00 MET DST. It's 6:30 MET DST. It's 7:00 MET DST. It's 7:30 MET DST. It's 8:00 MET DST. #Mo# Please send your Congrats to Moaxka & Danae, getting Engaged right this moment. or stop by for a drink! It's 8:30 MET DST. It's 9:00 MET DST. It's 9:30 MET DST. It's 10:00 MET DST. It's 10:30 MET DST. It's 11: 00 MET DST. It's 11:30 MET DST. It's 12:00 MET DST. It's 12:30 MET DST. It's 13:00 MET DST. It's 13:30 MET DST. It's 14:00 MET DST. It's 14:30 MET DST. It's 15:00 MET DST. It's 15:30 MET DST. It's 16:00 MET DST. It's 16:30 MET DST. It's 17:00 MET DST. It's 17:30 MET DST. It's 18: 00 MET DST. It's 18:30 MET DST. It's 19:00 MET DST. It's 19:30 MET DST. It's 20:00 MET DST. It's 20:30 MET DST. It's 21:00 MET DST. It's 21:30 MET DST. It's 22:00 MET DST. It's 22:30 MET DST. It's 23:00 MET DST. It's 23:30 MET DST. It's 0:00 MET DST. well, probably old news now, but, just to repeat. The communist party in the USSR is to be disbanded, Gorbachev has resigned as their head. Ukraina declares independance (CNN). (he latter dependant on a referendum in december #Chucki# Please ignore spewbabe1 or 2.. They are trying to cause trouble.. It's 0:30 MET DST. It's 1:00 MET DST. It's 1:30 MET DST. It's 2:00 MET DST. It's 2:30 MET DST. It's 3:00 MET DST. It's 3:30 MET DST. It's 4:00 MET DST. It's 4:30 MET DST. It's 5:00 MET DST. It's 5:30 MET DST. anybody has anything to report? msg me for channel op It's 6:00 MET DST. It's 6:30 MET DST. It's 7:00 MET DST. It's 7:30 MET DST. It's 8:00 MET DST. It's 8:30 MET DST. It's 9:00 MET DST. It's 9:30 MET DST. It's 10: 00 MET DST. It's 10:30 MET DST. It's 11:00 MET DST. It's 11:30 MET DST. It's 12:00 MET DST. It's 12:30 MET DST. It's 13:00 MET DST. It's 13:30 MET DST. It's 14:00 MET DST. It's 14:30 MET DST. It's 15:00 MET DST. It's 15:30 MET DST. It's 16:00 MET DST. It's 16:30 MET DST. It's 17: 00 MET DST. It's 17:30 MET DST. It's 18:00 MET DST. It's 18:30 MET DST. It's 19:00 MET DST. It's 19:30 MET DST. It's 20:00 MET DST. It's 20:30 MET DST. It's 21:00 MET DST. It's 21:30 MET DST. It's 22:00 MET DST. It's 22:30 MET DST. It's 23:00 MET DST. It's 23:30 MET DST. It's 0: 00 MET DST. It's 0:30 MET DST. It's 1:00 MET DST. It's 1: 30 MET DST.