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Wikispecies:Translation Administrators' Noticeboard

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Welcome to the Translation Administrators' Noticeboard. This space is for anyone who needs to contact a translation administrator for actions regarding the translation of Wikispecies. Also, please see Wikispecies:Localization and its discussion page.
If you rather need to reach an "ordinary" Administrator, please use the Administrators' Noticeboard instead. For general conversation, see Wikispecies:Village Pump.

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Please translate the "2FA-required" templateEdit

The {{Template:2FA-required}} should be translated. It was created using an equivalent template at Meta-Wiki which may perhaps also act as model for the translation, especially regarding the wiki links back to Meta-Wiki pages. –Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 23:01, 3 August 2021 (UTC).[]

I have set up the template for translation. --Ameisenigel (talk) 12:54, 4 August 2021 (UTC)[]
Thank you! I've since added translations in Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (as well as Brazilian Portuguese) plus Russian, Spanish, and my mother tongue Swedish. –Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 17:43, 5 August 2021 (UTC).[]
Tackar Tommy! --Sabelöga (talk) 21:06, 6 August 2021 (UTC)[]

Translation for Indonesian languageEdit

For all translation administrators, I need to translate Wikispecies into Indonesian language because it's my native language

--PutriAmalia1991 (talk) 02:20, 11 August 2021 (UTC)[]

Hello @PutriAmalia1991. Part of the site is already translated, and you can find Wikispecies’ bahasa Indonesia main page here: Halaman Utama. You can change language settings for the user interface in your user preferences. Best regards, Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 02:54, 13 August 2021 (UTC).[]