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2005 competitions : Writing finalists and Media finalists have been selected! Go check them out...

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There was an international media and writing contest during July and August, concluded at Wikimania on August 7 2005. One did not have to attend to nominate excellent work; anyone could nominate his/her own work as well as that of others. (rules and details)

Nominations for the writing and media competitions are listed below. Note that all contests were language-independent; entries were considered in all languages.

Finalists have been selected


The following are nominations in the nine categories of the 2005 writing and media competitions. Any content created in any language, on any Wikimedia project is eligible for entry.

The overall winner [of our love, cheers, and a big bag of Wiki] was the article on Welding, by Spangineer.

1. Articles - History & Biography[edit]


Other nominations[edit]

2. Articles - Humanities, Social science, Art & Culture[edit]


Other nominations[edit]

3. Articles - Natural science & Technology[edit]



4. Articles - Current Events & Pop Culture[edit]


5. News (both summary and original reporting)[edit]


Other nominations[edit]



6. Primary source material[edit]


  • Sydney Riot of 1879 (includes the text of two letters in full of key historical signifcance) (jguk)

Other nominations[edit]

Note: to be eligibile for this award, the content in question has to have actually been uploaded before August 4 to some Wikimedia site.

  • Sydney Riot of 1879 (a featured article on the English Wikipedia - it includes the text of two letters in full of key historical signifcance) (jguk)
  • I have received a list of 18.865 words in Stellingwerfs with a Dutch translation for inclusion in Wiktionary. Because of its significance I nominate it for consideration. GerardM 14:40, 30 July 2005 (UTC)
  • Thanks to Giorgio Giuliano, President of the consortium, who came to my house today, I today received the permission to use the contents of, an Italian I.G.P., product for wikipedia and wikibooks (recipes). It is one of the most particular products worldwide since this kind of lemon is produced and can grow only on the Amalfi Coast due to its particular climate and soil and its history goes back for centuries. The first book on that theme was printed in 2004 and is available on request. The contents will be inserted into wikipedia and wikibooks using the user name COVAL asap. --Sabine 16:25, 30 July 2005 (UTC)

(preferably not formerly available elsewhere online)

7. Book modules & collections[edit]


Other nominations[edit]

8. Quote and Dictionary collections[edit]


it:wikt:Categoria:Cristianesimo (a category with many words in many languages, it was a very topical project in the period when the pope died and a new pope was elected. An example of cooperation between different wiktionaries, with many words with pronunciations.)

9. Wikimania[edit]

content written at or on the way to Wikimania...(no serious submissions in this category)


These are the nine media categories for the Summer 2005 media competition. Please upload entries themselves to the Wikimania Media Competition page, and link to them from here. Any content created by a wikimedian for any Wikimedia project, or freely-licensed for this contest, is eligible. PD content found and repurposed is generally not, unless it was unknown or otherwise unavailable beforehand.

See commons:Wikimania Media Competition and the finalists please.



  • Overall judges' award : A "WIKI" bag large enough to carry two small children, filled with stuff.
  • Wikimania award : Your choice of technical books, donated by O'Reilly
  • Category awards : Your choice of O'Reilly books (German or English)


  • Final judges award : A "WIKI" bag large enough to carry two small children, filled with stuff.
  • Wikimania award : An iPod shuffle, donated by Apple.
  • Category awards : Your choice of Directmedia DVDs (German or English)

Donated awards[edit]

To donate an award to a specific contest, please list what you are donating, for which category.

  • A special wikipedia puzzle for the best original sketch/artwork. +sj | Translate the Quarto |+
  • A US $2 bill for each winning single-primary-author [writing] entry not written in English
  • A US $5 donation to the Foundation for each winning collaborative [writing] entry not written in English
  • A special talk-page decoration for the winning articles of each special category below.

Special Categories[edit]

  • Best stub (text under 2000 characters)
  • Most unusual subject (text)
  • Most aesthetically pleasing (media)

Suggested categories[edit]

Please suggest new special award categories below!

  • Final audience awards (choice of T-shirts, soliciting audience input)
  • Most inexplicable (media)
  • Best breaking news story (text)
  • Best original news report (text)
  • Best original news image (media)
  • Best news series (three or more stories showing impact of one event) (text)
  • Most comprehensive book (text)
  • Most useful definition (text)
  • Most well-written definition (text)
  • Best public domain image (media)
  • Best original image (media)
  • Most comprehensive quotation list
  • Most unique quote

  • Most poetic use of wiki
  • Best use of a wiki table
  • Most innovative use for wiki templates
  • Best alternative wikimedia CSS

  • Best WikiProject
  • Most innovative use of Wikipedia data (third party site)
  • Best integration of Wikipedia (third party site)
  • Best interwiki effort
  • Most useful new wiki extension software extension (first implemented Aug 2004 - July 2005)
  • Most prolific interwiki editor

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de: Wikimania enthält auch ein mehrsprachiges Schreib- und Media-Wettbewerb. Einträge können bis 3. August 2005 nominiert werden.

en: Wikimania is having a multilingual writing and media contest. Entries may be nominated until August 3, 2005.

es: Wikimanía incluye una competición plurilingüe de artículos y multimedia. Las entradas pueden ser nominadas hasta el 3 de agosto de 2005.


nl: Wikimania heeft ook een meertalige schrijf- en media-wedstrijd. Inzendingen kunnen worden genomineerd tot 3 augustus 2005.