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A deep thought by EntmootsOfTrolls:

Hoomhumism remains the most patient way to do anything. Wait as long as you can. Hurry nothing. Never be hasty. Stay out of things as long as you can. Life is short, but pain is long. Hoom. Hum. Invite the trolls to tea. See what they have to say. Do not be afraid if they poo on your carpet, as if you are a true hoomhumusist the carpet will be growing, and will eat up the poo, and be thankful for it. Hoom, hum, humus is the best gift. Now, I go to sleep. EntmootsOfTrolls

P. S. Emulate the Cunctator. Cunctatorship is better than no taters, or no ship. Hum. Hoom.

P. P. S. Try not to agree too much.