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This is the archive of Meta-Wiki Goings-on in 2015. See also the full archives.

December 2015

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 13: RFC on password requirements for users with advanced permissions

November 2015

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 25–28: Straw poll on banner campaign regarding Bassel Khartabil
Wikimedia-logo.svg 20: Community Tech Community Wishlist Survey
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 16: WMF Community Consultation on harassment
Wikipedia-W-bold-in-square.svg 1: Wikipedia Asian Month

October 2015

OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 5: RfC: Global ban for Tobias Conradi

September 2015

Wikimedia-logo.svg 25: Request for comment: OAuth handover

August 2015

Wikimedia-logo.svg 6: WikiConference USA 2015 registration and proposals may be submitted. The conference will be held October 9 to 11 at the U.S. National Archives.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 5: Wikimedia Language Portals: a proposed expansion of pages within wikimedia.org.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 3: Community Health learning campaign

July 2015

Bulbgraph.svg 18: Request for comment: Adding global abuse filter view rights to global sysops

May 2015

Emojione 1F5F3.svg 17-31: Events (discuss) is selected as the June 2015 Meta Collaboration of the Month.
Emojione 1F5F3.svg 17-31: Voting for the 2015 WMF Board election ran until 31 May 2015, 23:59 (UTC).
Emojione 1F5F3.svg 3-10: Voting for the 2015 FDC election and 2015 FDC Ombudsperson election ran until 10 May 2015, 23:59 (UTC).

April 2015

Wikimedia-logo.svg 20: Nominations were accepted in the FDC and FDC Ombudsperson elections until 23:59, 30 April 2015 (UTC), and the WMF Board elections until 23:59, 5 May 2015 (UTC).
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 20: Requests for comment: Wikimedia user groups approval process and agreements
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 10: Requests for comment: Confirmation of stewards
OOjs UI icon speechBubbles-ltr-progressive.svg 3: Requests for comment: Removal of bureaucrats in small wikis
MediaWiki-2020-icon.svg 2: Unregistered users using mobile are now able to edit on all Wikimedia projects by default.

February 2015

Emojione 1F5F3.svg 8-28: Voting for the 2015 Steward election ran until 28 February 2015, 17:59 (UTC).

January 2015

Wikimedia-logo.svg 15-28: Candidate submissions for the 2015 Steward election ran until 28 January 2015, 23:59 (UTC).