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Note: this page and its place in the Grand Scheme of Meta is still under development. Add anything and everything you think might fit here. New sections if necessary, newest first. This page is not anyone's baby; it is just a log of all manner of notes, one note to a line. Every note should be linked to more detail, and dated (or at least linkable and datable).


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  • 6/26-28 MediaWiki 1.5 starts being applied to all projects. en is taken down from 6-20? UTC for the upgrade. Shiny internals!
  • June Check-usage tool for checking where a given commons image is used.
  • MediaWiki 1.44 stable released. eNotif released to work with it.
  • S 5/3 MediaWiki 1.5 alpha1 undergoing testing. Reviewing feature broken, according to Brion.
  • Template images not all back yet; see list.
  • Search update: C# component being integrated with Lucene search.
  • Performance: LDC mentions an order of magnitude improvement waiting to happen from code rewriting alone; Magnus revisits Timwi's partially-completed work on a Bison-based parser. Tim notes poor tight-loop performance in interpreted langs.
  • S 5/7 RC bot for enrc moved to a wikimedia irc server:; discussion underway about how freenode could be more friendly to our bot-uses.
  • M 5/9 brion installs curl; 20 machines arrive (some were racked up Fri) and Chad networks them.
  • T 5/10 "Acute growing pains," caused by peaks of 2000 hits/sec and [reaching the 'maximum connections' limit on our memory-cache cloud, kill the image server .

Project ideas[edit]

  • May, again in June Jwales asks for mid-term hosting suggestions on the -tech mailing list. Responses from many people, asking for backups and read-only fallbacks among other things.
  • COTW: A new collaboration should be selected.
  • New backup project and static-mirror project proposed on tech-l.
  • Vandalism-monitoring : Cryptoderk has a functional java app working; Erik M. and Angela already hooked. See also the general-purpose rcbirds.
  • N 5/8 IRC:EdenG starts working on replicating something like the fr: squid setup, after correspondence with jwales, timstarling and others.
  • Georg Jaehnig mentions the idea of a WikiZeitgeist statistics project
  • T 5/11 Wikipedia widget avail for MacOS 10.4 ('Tiger')


numbers to be tracked down and dated

  • May 20 Name frequency and birth-year distribution available for de:
  • April Detailed audience stats released by UK's Hitwise.
  • Website speed according to Alexa.
  • monthly Wikimedia Multilingual stats and awareness stats.
  • Wikiquote multilingual statistics
  • Groups refs, News refs, &c.
  • DVD sales, CD sales.
  • French squids stats (breakdown by region via geo-IP)
  • # of users, langs edited in the last week.
  • # of user talk pages edited in the last week
  • visitors per lang per day. peak alexa rank.
  • # of servers total (up/down/shipping)
  • db queries/hr.
  • # of devs making CVS commits in last fortnight. # with access total.
  • # of non-core devs on separate Sourceforge project for MWiki extenders
  • Popularity rank of WP plugins and extensions. # of extensions..


  • EC Meetup
  • New Zachte stat noted : % of edits by % of users.
  • Board election org team chosen; new meta page, coordination pages.
  • Wikimania CfP deadline approaches; registration continues until 7/1
  • Video enthusiast DV leaves Wikinews, annoyed by latest vandalism spree
  • SPK/PF sue Foundation (and German chapter?)


  • Brockhaus plagiarism suspected. "Mistakes were probably made" they say, and remove the offending article after a few days of investigation.
  • Slate Hitchhiker article
  • S 5/3? Financial Times piece on WP and anarchy
  • Article by Anthere in the French press
  • S 5/7 Foxtrot comic about Wikipedia and rabies
  • W 5/11 Kevin Holland : Wikis will fundamentally change associations.

Policy & Style[edit]

  • en: - New templates chosen on EN:wp.
  • meta - New voting discussed for elections (no distinction)
  • en: - Stub-sorters ask for Stubs for Deletion page
  • JWales asks about volunteer squid proxies; what is really useful.
  • en: - Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal page created to facilitate mediation
  • meta - Discussion on foundation-l about whether jawp wants or needs an ArbCom-like entity, following Aphaia's persistent problems in the community


  • N 6/26 Summer media & writing contest announced; 21 categories, diverse awards.
  • FAs, FPs: en, de, commons...
  • new videos, sound files
  • Scoops on Wikinews, WP, etc. AI news story via Cameo.
  • New portals, category schemes, lists
  • Contests! Media and writing contests; Original Reporting contest on Wikinews.