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Hello, it is I. ;–) E-mail me if you have anything to say.

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On Translation[edit]

The art of translation is the art of compromise. It can be likened to walking a fine line between the two:

  • Keeping true to the spirit and letter of the original work
  • Keeping the target text natural-sounding and at home with the language you translated it for.

While we must always keep up the spirit of the translated work, we can never fully keep its wording. Indeed, often our excessive determination to keep the target-language phrasing and wording "as close as possible" to the original would issue in clumsy word constructions, unnatural phrasing, and in effect the feel of the original work would slip from us. Thus, paradoxically, our good intention to be precise would lead us to misrepresentation.

However, we must not be reckless and treat the original wording carelessly, of course! :-)) That would be the other extremity. We must keep the original wording where we reasonably may. (The funniest thing in that regard is when you take up a translation of a highly punned work, abounding in word-play. There you say good-bye to the exact wording of the original))))))

Summarizing, I shall say: Always keep your translation true to the spirit of the original work, and at necessary points let go of its precise wording. Thus you will keep the translation both natural-sounding and closest to the feel of the original.  ;-)

My Translations Into English[edit]

  • Marina Tsvetaeva:
Pass by, as you look so like me ...
The many fallen ones into the deepest ...
A tender noisy troublemaker ...
Your name is a finch in my hand ...
At my Moscow home how the domes do shine!..
The seven hills founded – like so many bells grounded!..
Here is a window anon ...
Not for Grishka-Thief you've fallen, over-Polacked ...
God is right ...
Should any soul have the gift of wings ...
The Train of Life
Floor-cleaners' song


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