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I've written a number of scripts that generate reports on unusual articles when run against my local copy of the wikipedia database (get your own local copy from here). While I'll try to keep the lists below up to date, I'm not making any promises. The reports below will be moved to the Wikipedia namespace once I'm happy they are in a state where anyone could run them. Until then, consider these to be beta-version software.

I'm more than happy for people to make use of these lists, edit them, rework them and generally play with them as much as they want. There's a suggested improvements section on each page which I'll be checking periodically and using to improve the reports.

Reports that I've 'completed' - that is I've stopped developing them - and which may be of use to wikipedians have been moved to Wikipedia:Offline reports.

Apologies, many of the reports below are rather out of date. I no longer have enough storage capacity on my local PC to manipulate the several copies of the Wikipedia database needed to regenerate many of them. Hopefully I'll solve the problem soon, until then I'll update what I can. - TB 13:09, 2005 Feb 18 (UTC)

Scripts used to generate these reports


Spelling & punctuation[edit]

Special features[edit]

Outgoing wikilinks[edit]


Broken wikilinks[edit]

--- All reports redundant - see Wikipedia:WikiProject Red Link Recovery intead. ---

Suggested links[edit]

Missing articles and links[edit]




  • Interwiki links to articles that do not exist (A:X links to B:X which does not exist)
  • Interwiki links to redirect pages (A:X links to B:X which redirects to B:Y)
  • Inconsistent interwiki links (A:X links to B:X, but B:X links to A:Y)
  • Suggested reciprocal links (A:X links to B:X, should B:X link back to A:X?)
  • Pages with multiple interwiki links to one language (A:X links to B:X and B:Y)
  • Pages that are linked to from different articles in the same language (both A:X and A:Y link to B:X)
  • Potential commutations (A:X links to B:X and C:X. Should B:X should link to C:X also?)
  • Potential inductions (A:X links to B:X and B:X links to C:X. Should A:X link to C:X?)

Extra-wikipedia reports[edit]