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This report shows pages in the main english article namespace which contains links to articles that do not exist, but differ from one that does exist only by the pluralisation of the article title. It was generated on 20th October 2004 from the 2nd October 2004 database dump.


The Wikipedia naming convention states that article titles should wherever reasonable be singular nouns. Some articles don't follow this convention; it's also a common error to try linking to a plural noun. It's good to add redirects to the correct pluralization, as per this Wikipedia naming convention.

How does this work?[edit]

  1. Examine the links shown on the report below and correct those that are wrong. This can be done by moving the target article, creating a redirect, or editing the referring article to link to the correct thing.
  2. Delete from the list those things you've fixed, or
  3. Score out false positive suggestions by enclosing them within <s></s> tags, and explain why the correction suggestion in inappropriate
  4. Optionally, mark your edit comment with the following text, so that other users are drawn to this page thus increasing the number of people fixing wiki errors: [[User:Topbanana/Reports/This page contains a red link that may be due to a plural discrepancy|Help Wikipedia fix suspected link errors - click here!]]

Suggested improvements[edit]

No need to list articles where both plural and singular versions exist. Warofdreams 11:30, 20 Oct 2004 (UTC)

  • If you're referring to entries such as secret and secrets, these (should!) only appear where one of them has been created since 2nd October, the date of the copy of the database I'm working from. - TB 11:48, 2004 Oct 20 (UTC)


This list has been split into a number of sub-sections to make it easier to work with.