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This report shows pages in the main english article namespace which contains links to articles that do not exist, but differ from one that does exist only by punctuation. It has been split into a number of smaller reports to make editing it easier.


Article names are (apart from their first letter) case sensitive on Wikipedia. The list below shows links which may be broken because they or the article they are trying to link to are improperly capitalised - see Naming conventions. Similarly, diacritics can cause problems if they're not all matched up properly. Please read the article containing the bad link and correct it if it should indeed point elsewhere.

Regenerating this report[edit]

This report is generated from a modified Link Analysis Database. The SQL to create it can be inspected at User:Topbanana/Reports/This page contains a link that might be mis-punctuated/SQL


A list of the false positives generated by this report that have been identified as such is available at User:Topbanana/Reports/This page contains a link that might be mis-punctuated/Exceptions. Entries on this list should be filtered from future instances of the report.

Suggested improvements[edit]

  • For now this list only checks capitalisation and diacritics, lots more could be done.
  • Need to ignore the case of the first letter when comparing red links/article titles
  • Need to suppress the leading capital in the suggested article name if it's the only one.
    • ALERT: unless I have not looked hard enough, the Naming Convention does not provide good enough advice on the format of the titles of cultural works. Which of these three is correct:
      • James and the Magic Torch?
      • James And The Magic Torch?
      • James and the magic torch?
    • and I suspect others might be hard to call (or not - YMMV)
      • Bailey Bridge?
      • Bailey bridge?
    • I tend to think we should provide better capitalisation advice on this page, drawn from Naming Conventions and we should improve on the advice given in Naming Conventions to include worked examples of the Magic Torch variety. Is my h'ppth. --Tagishsimon
    • I absolutely agree - better advice is needed. Sadly, I'm a better database-jockey than linguist or editor. Would a survey of capitalisation styles be useful? Perhaps if the majority of proper names use one particular style, the decision over which to standardise on would be easier. - TB 09:25, Jun 18, 2004 (UTC)
I work as an editor. Much of capitalization style is standard (probably "James and the Magic Torch"), but gray areas do come up (probably "Bailey Bridge"). Context matters. You might want to bring this up on a talk page for the style guide. Maurreen 13:54, 12 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  • Need to handled dates and numbers more carefully - 11-11 correctly links to the (calendar) date rather than the year 1111 - TB 11:32, 2004 Nov 2 (UTC)
  • Could you not migrate any more pages from List of craters on the Moon? The (crater) punctuation was done deliberately to provide disambiguation with craters on other bodies, including potentially future crater names. By migrating these pages you are making a complete hash of the cross-links I'm adding in between the crater pages, and I'm constantly having to go back and check then make fixes to your corrections. I really don't want to go back again and re-edit all the hundreds of crater names on the Moon and Mars, not to mention all the cross-links. So I'm striving for consistency. Thank you very much. — RJH 22:08, 10 Nov 2004 (UTC)
  • It would be nice to make redirects for the "mis-punctuated" versions in addition to just fixing the links because chances are someone will make the same mistake in the future. DopefishJustin (・∀・) 23:07, Nov 29, 2004 (UTC)